Join us in March 2019 Resilient Cities Coalition Launch

Please join us for our ResilientCity


In March of 2019 with 40 cities and multiple collaborating organizations we will

  • re-convene city staff, commission volunteers and elected leaders from 40 cities to
  • share their priorities for implementing the energy and resilience goals they included in their cities’ new 20-year comprehensive plans and
  • launch (or join) multi-city teams to pass local and state policies and do projects with residents, businesses and partners to meet their 2025 and 2050 goals to
  • power our cities with 100% clean electricity produced locally or in MN
  • build or retrofit our new and existing buildings to save money and add comfort,
  • move to equitable low-carbon transportation systems that add choice and convenience, while cleaning our air and improving safety through transit investment, shared-mobility, inclusive transit-oriented development and walk-able communities.

2 thoughts on “Join us in March 2019 Resilient Cities Coalition Launch

  1. Donna Peterson Reply

    Somehow, I did not see a date and place for this coalition launch. Did I miss it?
    Donna Peterson

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