Anishinaabe Agricultural Institute

The Anishinaabe Agricultural Institute will focus on restoring local food systems, traditional heritage varieties, post petroleum agriculture and restorative ecological and agricultural systems. This will include research and education work, from youth to those in advanced educational institutions.

We have many years of traditional Anishinaabe Agricultural production experience, and have two years with a state of Minnesota permit for industrial hemp production- with a particular interest in fiber hemp and in health products including cbds.  This project is intended to provide continuous research opportunities in the areas of food and hemp, and new training opportunities.  We would in particular like to begin training our community in Post petroleum, restorative and traditional agriculture. Our project will work with local fertilizers to improves soil, horse and low fossil fuel impact energy sources, and grow a variety of traditional food crops, as well as hemp.

The use of horse farming opportunities will be coupled with Anishinaabeg and Dakota horse teachings and horse cultural practice for the purpose of re-integrating the horses into the community, both for economic and food system reasons, but also as a part of horse therapy and the restoration of dignity and courage in Anishinaabe youth.  We will partner with local organizations and associations, and focus on the Anishinaabe youth.

The Institute will be the educational partner of Winona LaDuke’s Hemp and Heritage Farm