Join us for this fun, free event!

Access Clean Energy for Your Home or Apartment

Thursday, March 16, 2017
7:00pm 8:30pm
St. Mary’s Greek Orthodox Church

3450 Irving Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55408
ECCO Hosts a Conversation on Windsource and Community Solar Gardens.

Join us for refreshments and an inspiring, informative conversation.

All are welcome! Learn how Community Solar Gardens work, what to look for in a contract and the benefits of joining a Community Solar Garden.

Learn how you can calculate your household’s carbon foot print and go carbon neutral through energy efficiency, purchasing green power and carbon offsets.
Sign up for Windsource to help expand Wind power in MN
Join the consumer and pollinator friendly Community Solar Garden to save 10% on your monthly electricity bills with MN Community Solar/ Novel Energy in partnership with the Alliance for Sustainability and Lake Street Energy Challenge.
Presenters are:

Sean Gosiewski, Executive Director, Alliance for Sustainability
612-250-0389 or

Jane Quale, MN Community Solar/ Novel Energy
612 345-7188 or

Join our Community Solar Garden!

Help MN move toward a future with 100% renewable electricity by reserving your spot in a Community Solar garden at one of our open house events.



  • Save 10% on your electricity bills!
  • Help expand solar power in Minnesota.
  • Maintenance and insurance are covered.



Sign up to reserve your spot in our Community Solar Garden at:

Partner with us! Your community group can receive a $50 donation for each household that joins our solar gardens through our landing page. The Alliance for Sustainability will also receive a $50 donation from MN Community Solar/Novel Energy for each new subscription to support our ongoing programs.

There is no cost to join. When you sign up you will start seeing a credit on your Xcel bill for the amount of electricity you signed up for when our solar gardens are switched on (by spring). Your monthly subscription payment to MNCS would then start saving you 10% per month on electricity.


See our fun YouTube video that explains the benefits of joining a community solar garden: 

Through community solar gardens, neighbors join together (like joining a CSA Farm) to purchase their electricity at a discount through a large solar array (2 to 3 acres). Participating households will receive a 10% discount on their monthly electricity bill, while also helping solar become a greater part of our state’s electricity mix.

The Alliance is partering with MN Community Solar/Novel Energy, a wonderful local company that constructed MN’s first community solar gardens and helped develop our state’s Solar Legislation, which is committed to the pollinator pledge and diverse job training/placement. MN Community Solar also received the Good Neighbor and Community Leader recognition in Fresh Energy’s Consumer-Friendly Guide and was featured in the Star Tribune. 

The Alliance and MN Community Solar will offer subscriptions with several 1-megawat solar gardens near the Twin Cities (with space for about 500 households to participate per garden). Lake Street Energy Challenge and neighborhoods/congregations along Lake Street will help the Alliance to sign up these 500 households!

In addition, we are working with several congregations and neighborhoods to sign up neighbors in our community solar gardens including Transition Longfellow, the Longfellow Community Council, Holy Trinity Lutheran, Christ Church Lutheran, Whittier Alliance, East Isles Neigborhood, ECCO Neighborhood, Corcoran Neighborhood Association, Nokomis East Neighborhood Association, Sustainable Stillwater and the Bloomington Sustainability Coalition

We welcome all neighborhoods and faith communities to join this campaign.