Resilient Cities and Communities Coalition

In 2020, the Alliance for Sustainability will launch the Resilient Cities and Communities Coalition (RCCC) to support elected leaders, city staff, and citizen volunteers from 50+ MN cities as they work to meet their community-wide energy, climate, and resiliency goals. Member cities will learn together, share best practices, and become successful, inspiring models for other cities throughout Minnesota and the United States. The RCCC will be a non-partisan group focusing on collaborative, win-win-win solutions addressing issues of health, equity, sustainability, and resiliency.

Find out how you and your city can make a difference through more impactful collaboration, innovative programs, community engagement, and policy advocacy. Contact Sean Gosiewski,

See our RCCC Vision, Mission, Goals




Upcoming Events

  • January 22 – Environmental Commissions Gathering for Hennepin County Cities 
  • January 28 – Environmental Commissions Gathering for Ramsey County Cities


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Participating Cities


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Questions? please contact: Sean Gosiewski, Executive Director, Alliance for Sustainability, 612-250-0389



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