Together we can support Walz/Flanagan Administration to build upon their current climate-related executive orders (see below) to issue an additional

Executive Order on Climate for state agencies to work with external partners to advance economy-wide GHG reductions in MN to achieve our state GHG/climate goals on time.


Linking with and build upon related Executive Orders made by Governor Walz

  • Executive Order 19-1 – One Minnesota Equity and Inclusion Council – In developing a statewide climate action plan instruct the EQB and DER to coordinate with the One MN Equity and Inclusion Council and Chris Taylor Chief Inclusion Officer, Asst Commissioner, MN Mgmt & Budget 651-201-3453  to address related opportunities and mitigate challenges for reducing economic and racial disparities state wide as they update and add to our state wide (CSEO) climate action plan goals
  • Executive Order 19-26 Continuing the Office of Energy Security as the Division of Energy Resources within the Department of Commerce – (Sync up EQB and DER coordinating roles on climate) The DER will serve as the lead entity to coordinate cooperation, resources, and information between state agencies that have responsibilities for matters relating to energy, climate change, and greenhouse gas emissions. The DER will also coordinate public information from state government on energy issues as they relate to climate change and greenhouse gas emissions.)
  • Executive Order 19-25 Advancing Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Programs for Minnesota’s Public Buildings (advance ways for State Agencies and Cities to ensure new privately constructed buildings will meet SB 2030 standards.)
  • Executive Order 19-28 Restoring Healthy, Diverse Pollinator Populations that Sustain and Enhance Minnesota’s Environment, Economy, and Way of Life

Transportation –

  • Sync with and build upon MN DOT’s Pathways to Decarbonizing Transportation project and report that explored potential strategies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) from cars, trucks, and buses in Minnesota with the goal of making progress towards state GHG reduction targets in the Next Generation Energy Act for years 2025 (-30% from 2005) and 2050 (-80% from 2005).
  • Sync with and build upon Executive Order 19-18 Establishing the Governor’s Council on Connected and Automated Vehicles
  • Require MN DMV to begin collecting VMT data for all vehicles registered, like Massachusetts RMV – helping to track VMT for planning purposes and looking toward a VMT based funding system for roads (if this can be worked out with the current vendor that the state has hired to run our vehicle registration system)