Protect Your City’s Water Quality

The Alliance for Sustainability supports volunteers with neighborhoods, congregations, schools, and environmental commissions to protect our lakes, creeks, and rivers through fun hands-on projects.

Restoring Our Lakes & Streams – With your support we are connecting trained Master Water Steward volunteers with neighborhoods, congregations and cities to protect our lakes and streams by planting rain gardens, engaging neighbors to adopt their storm drains, and  salt use.

  • Install rain gardens
  • Participate in spring watershed clean ups
  • Organize fall community clean ups for water quality to keep leaves off curbs and storm drains
  • Educating businesses to reduce winter salt use
  • Host educational events on water quality
  • Helping launch new volunteer lake associations including the Friends of Lake Hiawatha.

Interested in learning more about water quality projects or how you can get involved?

Contact Sean Gosiewski for more information at 612-250-0389 or

growsh20nova  planting

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