Announcing the Launch of our Litter Be Gone Project with the City of Minneapolis!



Join us for City-Wide Volunteer Litter Clean Ups in Minneapolis – September 17 to 22, 2018

Help beautify our public spaces by picking up recyclable and non-recyclable litter on our blocks, curbs, sidewalks, grassy boulevards and alleys

  • What – Volunteers picking up litter from blocks, curbs, boulevards, sidewalks and alleys
  • When – any time Mon. Sept. 17 to Sat. Sept. 22, 2018
  • Where – All 11 Minneapolis Neighborhood Communities
  • Who – Individual volunteers, volunteer teams, sponsors
  • How – Sign up to participate at and we will provide you gloves, bags, PR, recognition, prizes

IndividualsSign up here to help out for 15 minutes any time during the week to pick up litter on your block, and put it in your own trash and recycling bins and tell us how much litter you collected.

TeamsSign up here to work with your neighbors to clean up litter “hot spots” Sat 9/22 & bring your bags of trash & recyclables to local drop off spot.

Partners/ Co-SponsorsSign up here to contribute a venue, volunteers, cash or in-kind resources – gloves, bags, food, printing, PR to help city-wide or with a neighborhood.

We welcome neighborhood associations, businesses, nonprofits, venues, printers and publications, to host, promote, volunteer with or contribute food, supplies, printing, hauling, etc. as city-wide or neighborhood sponsors for 2018 Litter Be Gone Events!

For more information please visit  or  Facebook   Twitter #cleanmpls2018     Instagram,  Next Door

Or contact: Sean Gosiewski, Alliance for Sustainability, 612 250-0389




Join us to see how you can assist this incredible effort!

East Phillips Indoor Urban Farm Project Strategy Meeting – Wed June 20 5:30 PM at  East Phillips Park.  FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE

  • We are nearing the final City Council Vote which will determine the fate of the East Phillips Indoor Urban Farm.
  • The project must have a minimum of 3 acres of the 16.42-Acres at the site, to be sustainable and create the needed Green Jobs, Organic Food, Affordable Family Housing, and the many other community defined amenities included in the project


Hello Mpls Green Teams – does your neighborhood group work with landlords? If YES consider applying for this new grant from the City of Minneapolis by Friday, June 29, 2018

This Request for Applications (RFA) for community engagement services is focused on engaging landlords to reduce their energy costs. This RFA seeks to contract with a business or organization that has a proven track record of working landlords, who would be able to leverage existing relationships and recruit and identify landlords to engage with.
The project includes four phases:

  1. Develop a targeted recruitment plan leveraging current relationships and developing new ones to identify landlords to engage around energy efficiency programs.
  2. “Pitch” energy cost saving programs directly to landlords
  3. Navigate landlords through the available energy efficiency programs
  4. Produce a final report. Gain an understanding about what changes to energy efficiency programs would entice landlord participation in energy saving measures.

DUE DATE: Completed proposals are due by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, June 29, 2018.